Having this watch is a proclamation to making it in the World, and making it with class.

Here are the top five popular styles of women watches that are high end.
Approximate Retail Value $4,700
Baume et Mercier
Finding the perfect watch is no China Pearl strands Manufacturers easy task when you are willing to make a small investment into a piece that will last maybe for generations.
Approximate Retail Value $800
Catier Pashma Seatimer
A Cartier watch is very big city.
Approximate Retail Value $5,500
Baume &amp  Mercier Diamant
This watch is dripping with 26 diamonds and offset by a mother of pearl face. The styles come in a variety from pave diamonds faces, white gold case material and satin and leather straps. The 1500 series offers thin bracelet styles watches. It's clean, very well placed lines offers elegance yet bold appeal with a sophisticated feel. This timepiece is truly aesthetic. Your watch should be a true reflection of you and your personality. Wear what you think looks best on you, instead of having to decide from what your friends wear. This watch is definitely a luxury piece that is simply done, but elevates any wrist to a higher class. This watch can be worn at work or on the town.
Approximate Retail Value $11,500
Audemars Piguet
Gucci 1500 Series
Gucci has often been thought to be a well established brand for mature women.
Approximate Retail Value $5,500
Omega Double Eagle Chronometer
This watch is a power watch.
Choosing the right watch should take a good amount of research, comparison shopping and overall investment. Choosing the perfect watch should not be a judgment on what everyone is wearing or that your favorite celebrity has the same watch. The Gucci 1500 series is a more vibrant line that caters to the younger generations of sophisticated women. There are so many minor elements to this watch that make it simply dazzling. Chances are a woman has one of each, and knows exactly what they would love to upgrade to.Women do not need much of a guide to know what is a good watch for the price, or what is more functional, or which watch is best for an active life style. A nice wrist watch would let you look professional and up to date with the latest fashions. This watch is well designed with its beautiful mother of pearl face and overall strong durability. This watch is self winding and stainless steel body backing.
A watch goes a long way in describing to people the type of person you are. These are the watches that women dream of deserving and earning. The hands of the watch are thin diamond shaped and highly polished, which work very nicely against the black ceramic face. Style is all about being fashionable in a way that fits your personality, and your watch should be no exception. There are many options available when choosing a watch that that allows you to speak volumes without having to say a word.
Piguet Lady Royal Oak
This watch has an understated quality, with a standard of excellence.

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